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I'm back from Origins. It was quite a trip. Time to talk it to death:

Rob AIMs me at 4 PM and asks me if he wants to go to Origins. He will be leaving in 3 hours. I spend those 3 hours grabbing everything I can think of for the trip and stuffing it into my bags. I forget my hairbrush. We drive to Columbus overnight. This is a massively stupid idea. Con so far: A+++!

Slept. Worked out at the hotel gym at 3 PM. Went out for drinks with Rob's Everquest buddies at the Elevator. We have lucked out tremendously. Steve and his girlfriend are staying at another hotel, so Will and I each get our own beds. Maybe we have cooties. The only thing I eat all day is the burger I ordered at Sheetz just after midnight. The only things I drink all day are some water at the hotel gym, a vodka gimlet, and a Shirley Temple. Con so far: A

We get to the Con around noon and have crappy concession food. We hit the dealer's room, wanting to meet up again at four to meet and discuss the game we're running. I meet up at four, and spend the next hour getting pissed off. Eventually I find out everyone is at the North Market and that they somehow missed me. Running to catch up, I leave my sporran at the Con. It doesn't have any valuables in it, but the bag itself is worth a good bit. I end up having to run five blocks back and forth to get it.

If I had remembered to check the Con schedule, I'd've found out about the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (V:tES) events on Thursday. They were starting a new tournament every 2 hours to entice players to get to the Con as soon as they could. I ended up missing all of the tournaments on Thursday.

Thursday night, we ran the first night of the Sands of Time. A good time was had by all. This is a very different style of Werewolf LARP, since the players know from the beginning that their characters are all going to die (and if they're lucky, they get to complete the mission before they die). We chased them through the city with our army of Setites, and our legions of Magi. Con so far: B+

Again we tried to get together for breakfast, but by the time everyone was there, the restaurant had closed the buffet. We ended up hitting a Traittoria Napoletana on High Street. We had pizza, calzones, or whatever, and some very tasty gelato. Friday was also kilt day. I needed to wear my kilt to see if the pin I wanted to buy would look good, so I wore the kilt all day. I hit the CCG room after buying the pin, and played me some V:tES. The tournament Judge went a little crazy, and everyone got 29 Promotional cards. I got 3 Victory Points (A technically average score).

I love hanging out with the V:tES players from all over, they are so cool. I also had the pleasure of playing with Connor Bell, a V:tES prodigy. V:tES is quite the game for mature players, and Connor shattered the youngest tournament winner record. It was previously held by Anklebiter who won his first tournament at 12. Connor won a tournament at 3 AM Friday morning. He's 7.

Friday night was part 2 of the Sands of Time. Our Werewolf players hit some very hard times here. Their kin and allies died, their local contacts turned out to be playing both sides, and they nearly lost a Rank 5 Fetish. They did, however, begin completion of their mission, and managed to get someone into the Library of Alexandria. I also started to realize I had a serious crush on Katie. Con so far: A-

We finally managed to get to breakfast, but not without some casualties. We set an ironclad time of 10:00 AM for sit-down time, and Will was still in the shower then. When he got out, he was understandably confused, and unpleasant words were said.

Saturday was a V:tES National Qualifier. V:tES has no World Champiship, instead it has Continental Championships, and to play in each, you must rank in the top quarter of (previously unqualified) players in a qualifier. There were 35 players, 11 of which had previously qualified, so coming in the top half of the tournament gave you a good chance at qualifying. Sadly, my 1.5 VPs was not enough.

The Sands of Time came to a close. Our players accomplished their mission just before being overrun by their foes. Some players had four characters die, some kept theirs right up to the bitter end. We explained the plot at game-wrap, and awards and props were given out. Katie totally earned mad props for her leadership and rules explaining roles, but I felt uncomfortable saying this in front of 40 people to a girl I had a crush on, so I made Matt do it.

After game-wrap was the obligatory Con Party. Many people suffered from bleeding of the anus (Yay!), oft-repeated was the (ever-louder) word Penis, and many times did Brent nearly do a spit-take (or a snarf) all over everybody. I left the party at 4 AM, having had only one drink, thinking this would give me an edge at the final V:tES tournament the next day. Con so far: A

Getting to bed early and sober did indeed give me an edge in the tournament. I was first seed going into the finals with 4.5 VPs and a Table Win. Unfortunately, I didn't draw the cards I needed and got nuked. I haven't found out yet how I placed, it's possible I did as well as second if Matt managed to oust everybody. I consider myself lucky that I placed that high at all, I'll be totally psyched if I steal third or fourth due to the way the Final Table ended up.

Unfortunately, everyone else was waiting for me to finish, and we had a long drive ahead of us, so I didn't stay to the bitter end. I'll have to ask Ben how I placed. We drove several hours into the night to Angie's parents' farm and crashed there for the night. Con so far: A

Monday got started with a leisurely breakfast, with us leaving Angie's parents around noon. We still had a lot of driving to do, and, seeing as I was the first one dropped off at home, I should consider myself lucky that people weren't testier than they already were. I made it just in time to see the 1812 Overture (my favourite Overture) on the Boston Pops, around 9:45 PM.

Con Final Grade: A

Pictures here.

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