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Man, that felt good.

You say "that reminds me, since you know him, Jer is quoted in the Principia Discordia."
Sketch says "He TRANSCRIBED the Principia Discordia. Get it right."
You say "That too."
You say "He was telling me about it New Years."
Sketch says "I heard Charles Dickens is quoted in A Christmas Carol.."
You say "Be careful around other people. They outnumber you 5.5 billion to 1."
Sketch ignores Etherial and just starts crying at sabu's leg again.

Something about Sketch proving me right in the same paragraph as trying to prove me wrong feels really good. Maybe it has something to do with him constantly trying to be the fly in my ointment since he decided I was his. The truly sad part is, we have so many things in common, I can't help but think we might have been great friends if we met better.

I was idly musing that if I married Marc, we'd have Jason (Sketch) and Caleb be our best men. Jason being the Primus Wizards of TinyTIM, and responsible for introducing Marc to it, and Caleb for introducing me to it.

Jason and I could get drunk and become friends long before he discovered how badly he already knew me.

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