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Falling Down, and Picking Yourself Back Up.

I talked with Katie for about five hours today. It was nice. It was also kind of weird, we were reading each other's blogs and commenting on the various events contained therein. I feel a little bad that I told her I liked her by letting her read it in my lj. I feel a little chickenshit about that. But at least if she wasn't interested in talking about it, she could have ignored it.

Five-hour conversations. I've had a few before, with Kim and with Marc. Those turned out to be epic relationships. Still, I can't shake the feeling that I'm taking advantage of Katie. Every time I type in my response, I feel like I'm telling her exactly what she wants to hear. The angel on my shoulder keeps telling me "It's what she wants to hear because it's the truth" and the devil on my other shoulder keeps responding with "Just keep telling yourself that..." Or maybe I have my angels and demons backwards...

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