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My GenCon Entry will be up soon, but I just wanted to make the following two announcements:

1. I picked up a few extra copies of the Serenity RPG, autographed by Game Designers Jamie Chambers, Tracy Hickman, and Margaret Weis, and also by Serenity actor Ron Glass (Shepherd Book). Asking price is $60.

2. WPI's Gaming Weekend is coming up Sept. 10-12, and I've volunteered to run a Serenity RPG One-Shot Friday night, entitled Murder Most Fowl. Serenity is a Sci-Fi Western, where the descendants of the Earth-that-Was struggle to survive in a harsh 'Verse. A ship can get you work, but a gun will let you keep it. Like the 'Verse itself, Serenity is a quick and dirty RPG system that that is easy to learn - but deadly if you lose your head.

Murder Most Fowl will be a one-shot murder mystery for five to eight Passengers and Crew. Please email me (NOT reply!) with your name and a one or two word description of the character type (pilot, mechanic, gunman, passenger on the run, etc.) you'd like to play. People familiar with the Firefly TV Show should be aware that the game will not take place on Serenity, but character names from the show could be used as a character type. There will be no Jedi, and no Readers neither.

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