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GenCon Redux

Tuesday, Day 0:
Got dropped off at Will's house by my dad around 11. We had a little slumber party since we had an early flight - Glee Clubbers from Italy remember how early. Got up from our naps at 3 AM to board our flights. Asked the security personnell why they needed my ID. They gave me the dumbest answer I've ever heard. Had a cool cab ride over to the hotel, and saw the statuary - damn, forgot to take obscene pictures with the statues. The Crown Plaza is an old train station and is filled with statues of train passengers and staff, some of the rooms are even in (or pretend to be in) old train cars. We played in the pool for a while, then bedded down for a nap. This was also the beginning of a game of tag with Haywire. Everytime one of us started something, they called and found the other had just finished. Con so far: A.

Wednesday, Day 1:
We woke up from our naps with a hunger. We wandered around for a bit, looking for the place that Nancy took Will last year (turned out to be a Jillian's), but we ended up at the Claddagh Ring Pub instead. Man, was that ever a good decision. We landed ourselves a three-hour meal on that one. I downed 2 pints of Guinness, half a dozen buffalo wings, three lamb chops, half of Emily's beef & barley soup (it was too good to finish), a sip of her meade, and more. We had to sit around for half an hour drinking and talking so that we'd have room for dessert. I had the Bailey's Cheesecake, and aside from being a tad oversour, it was fantastic. I saved one lambchop, some mashed stepadoes, and the last bite of cheesecake for later.

We had a meeting with the other Staffers. We were there to run Dark Duality's WoD LARP Ever After, with Werewolves and Vampires and Changelings, Oh my - and even Mages. So there was a whole crew of Staff there, some I had worked with periferally at GenCon and would be working with heavily this weekend, others I had never met before, but would still have to work with heavily this weekend - Ever After was a heavy crossover game. Emily and I took a trip over to the mall to explore and shop for socks - we had to try every damned store in the mall before we found a place with a multipack of simple generic socks. The only thing I found worth buying in the whole damned mall was the Dropkick Murphys latest album. I had been pondering buying it, but when I found it had Tessie, it was a must-buy.

Wednesday night, we headed down to Broad Ripple, Indy's college club scene to go clubbing. We went to a place called Vogue that was having a retro night. Will got harassed at the door for his black wifebeater, even though the next dozen people in line were women who were also wearing sleeveless shirts. Fucking sexist club dresscodes... The place was basically a bad impression of a retro night - like the club owner had seen a bad 80s movie and thought that was a good idea. First, the staff was keeping the clubbers off the dance floor with their damned roller-skating until 10:30. For the first hour, they wouldn't even let a damned song finish. They'd cut them off just as they finished the last verse. Finally, for the last hour, all they played was late 80s R&B cRAP that make me want to puke. Did I mention the cab ride was $20 each way? Con so far: B.

Thursday, Day 2:
Thursday began with the Assault on the Dealer Room. This is when I bought 90% of my swag. I was on the lookout for a Barsaive Boxed Set for Doc - I had found one for me at Origins, but he still needed one. The one I found for him was still factory sealed and half the price of the one I got! I was also on the lookout for a copy of the Serpent River book, since Dave ordered me the last one off Stiggybaby's and accidentally sold it to someone else. In case anyone was wondering, Mage: The Awakening sold out in under 15 minutes all four days. I only wanted it for the Geek Cred, so I only tried getting in line for it once. I also bought something that I hope my father will love - he's very hard to shop for. I got autographs from Ron Glass (Shepherd Book, Firefly/Serenity) and Mary McDonnell (President Roslin, Battlestar Galactica), two shows he absolutely lives for.

I also met up, at least briefly, with all of the Mass people I was expecting to see at the 'Con. Haywire and Tom, who I had failed to meet up with Wednesday, were in line to get into the Dealer's Room bright and early, Cameron, who was off doing his weird Cameron thing, and the Boston V:tES crowd, who had sauntered in around 2. I gave them some advice for lunch, and then lost track of them just as I remembered I hadn't eaten all day. I wished all my V:tES buddies, even the ones I only knew from large tournaments (like the Tatus from down Atlanta way) good luck that weekend, and expressed the hope that I didn't play with them, since that'd mean they'd been dropped from the Championship before its last day. I bumped into Peter on my way out and we ended up having lunch before my early meeting for Ever After.

I was a little worried about how the first night of Ever After would go. With so many players, and so many character types, and so much crossover planned, something seemed bound to go horribly wrong. Another thing I was worried about was getting our Packs in order, and specifically how that might leave out the Fera types that tend to work alone. We had one Pack of Ratkin, 2 Garou, and a bunch of the loner types. The Plot started out but good, but things got wacky very quickly. One of the packs of Garou got sent out on a wild goose chase. Joe thought I should leave them high and dry and dick them around for an hour. To a certain extent, he's right, if they want to hunt down Vampires that don't exist, they shouldn't find them. Luckily, they tossed badly and I gave them a little Wraith plot for their Silent Strider. Con so far: A-

This entry is incomplete. I'll finish it later.

Pictures here.

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