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Two Things that Suck

1. Sundays

Sundays suck. A Sunday is almost always better spent asleep than awake. Sundays particularly suck after Saturday-night parties. See, *I* wake up on Sunday on shogunhb's couch wanting to hang out with my friends, watch a movie, play a game, do something cool. Everyone else wakes up on shogunhb's couch, or their own damned bed, and wants to mope around the house and be lame. As much as it pains me to not squeeze every ounce of Doctime, I really need to just up and leave when I get bored. There are things I can do at home like sleep.

2. CCGs

Collectible Card Games suck. They steal your wallet and your soul and convince you to help them steal those things from your friends. They turn you into self-absorbed assholes who ignore people who don't want to play them. They turn other people into self-absorbed assholes who are too smart to fall for the trap, but too lonely to not care that you're ignoring them.

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