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Today has been one of those days. You know. Those ones.

The only redeeming quality to today was that it was Friday. It all started innocently enough when I woke up, but that should have been the first sign of trouble. I even had time to have breakfast and shower before leaving for school. This was made easier by the fact that the Internet was down.

Music was kind of OK, but my prof set our meeting to discuss my Sufficiency (Humanities Requirement) back to Monday. Then came Statistics. The Professor had also been having a bad day. He also announced that we all had to come speak with him personally or we'd fail the course, and somehow made it seem more draconian than that.

Since my 12:00 meeting had been cancelled, I headed over to AK to catch up on the Internet and grab some lunch. Except that the Friday Pizzafest had either just ended, or wouldn't be starting for awhile. I couldn't tell which. So I ate my chocolate cupcakes in the Campus Center. They were mushy.

Noah showeded up wanting to have company on his way to the bank. I couldn't think of an actual excuse, so I said sure. When we got to the bank, I lookeded at my watch. It was 12:45. I had to be in class at 1:00. I ran back to Campus, but it was all for naught. I was late.

My 2:00 went OK, but Greg wasn't there, so I couldn't bug him about roleplaying. I gave the Professor my list of complaints about the Grader's latest mess. I then went and fulfilled my passing requirement by talking to my Stats Prof. Turns out he had been having an even worse day than I was.

Homeward bound for relaxation, I thought. But no. No rest for the me. After downing a glass of milk and partaking of some of the dwindling chocolate supply, I felt a stirring...down there. The bathroom thing went fine until the toilet clogged. I don't understand it really...The toilet shouldn't have clogged. Chewbacca is a Wookiee - It doesn't make sense!

It took me an hour to clear the clog. A fucking hour. A screaming thrusting splashing nasty disgusting hour. The floor (as well as the soles of my sneakers) needed a good mopping afterwards. I must have washed my hands a dozen times.

Once I finished hosing myself off, I had to leave immediately or be late for my Gym appointment with Sean (not to be confused with Shaughn). Turns out he was half an hour late. So I drank a 20 oz. of Sprite because I was thirsty. Let me tell you this : Do Not Work Out On Sprite! It Fucks You Up!

I had to give up halfway through. I was in agony. When I got home, I discovered what was wrong with the Internet. Turin forgot to pay the bill. I called up the DSL and paid it. That was it. Days of Internetlessness for naught!

So don't get me wrong. This was not a horrible day. This was not a "I want to shoot myself because it is so awful the angst oozing out my ears is making cute small furry animals shrivel and die" day. This was a C- day.

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