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Vestrivan's Heir (continued)

The journal begins abruptly. In an effort to avoid revisionism, I am not adding any entries that were not made during the campaign. Here are the facts which connect Katrina's backstory to her first entry:

While making her way to Throal, Katrina managed to convince the leader of a caravan to allow her to travel with them, in exchange for use of her abilities as an Elementalist. Other members of what would become her party had already been hired. The first entry must have been made after her arrival in Bartertown, probably with the money paid by Fester.

10 Veltom, 1473 T.H. Hired by Fester the Dwarf to scare some ruffians. We split up to each of the shops they have been bothering to check it out. Brandon and Kira ran into them and engaged them. City Guard assisted them and I think they got the point. Got paid 10 silver in advance, 1 gold afterwards. Have been staying at the Bawdy Orc in Bartertown.

Brandon, at the time of this first entry, was a human First Circle Warrior. Kira was an elf and a First Circle Thief. The Bawdy Orc was one of the coolest inns I've seen run. The first drink was always free, and the barkeep was a very lusty Orkish wench who, among other things, had a special bathroom for windlings on the bar surface with a window she'd peek through.

11 Veltom. Hired again by Fester. Wants us to travel to Urupa to recover a map regarding a kaer occupied by his relatives. Paid us 600 silver in advance for 15 silver a day traveling in secret. He also gave us food for the Journey and Horses as well as 3 Pack Mules.

Alex, the GM, had no compunctions about giving us large sums of money. Of course, he also had no compunctions about taking it away, so we learned to spend it quickly and hide it well.

20 Veltom. Encountered an elf on the road to V'Strimon. He had been attacked by some creature with talons. With Kira's help, I was able to cleanse his wounds and we fed him and nursed him back to health. He claims to have been abandoned by his friends.

22 Veltom. We arrive in V'Strimon. Galerin takes us to his house and shows us his gratitude. He hires a guide to give Seoman a tour, and gave me access to a library and a teacher. We stayed that night and the next, moving on toward Urupa. Finished learning spells on the 27th.

Seoman was a human First Circle Horror Stalker, which lent an air of danger to the early Campaign.

Katrina had been given a Crystal Grimoire. Imagine if you had a series of transparency sheets and a black piece of paper. Depending on which transparencies you put the paper between, the Grimoire showed a different spell. She started out with

Crunch Climb, Earth Blend, Earth Darts, Flameweapon, Heat Food, Purify Water

and quickly added

Air Armour, Air Mattress, Billowing Cloak, Boil Water, Ice Mace and Chain, Icy Surface, Moonglow, Plant Feast, Plant Talk, Porter

with the help of her Crystal Grimoire.

Katrina's journal opens with a map of Barsaive, tracing her travels. The next few pages are curiously titled "The Players in Our Merry Comedy". It contains references to the fallen members of the Bleeding Roses, as well as brief descriptions of their allies and enemies. This is what it had to say about Fester the Dwarf:

Fester is a Throalic Dwarf of one of the lesser trading houses, which is (unfortunately for him) run by his sister. He hired us to investigate a Kaer inhabited by his family. It was while in search of this Kaer that we met with Astendar's Star. He paid us quite well for our speed (and still paying us by day) as well as on secrecy (which, given Kira's disposition, was no trouble).

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