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Adventures in Cooking

So, apparently, frying on the kitchen stove is not for the lighthearted.

It all started innocently enough when I said to myself "You know, I could go for some steak." And since there was steak in the freezer, I decided to cook it and eat it. I cut it up into steak tips to make it easier to fry and seasoned it with a variety of seasonings.

Alas, my 1337 c00king sk1||z were not up to the challenge of keeping the olive oil from igniting, and considering that the gouts of flame were much larger than I had dealt with previouslike (as well as persisting well beyond amusing), I grabbed for the handy-dandy fire extinguisher.

The fire extinguisher required the removal of several plastic bits (one of which I just rotated around the mouth rather than bother extricating). I aimed and fired. A spray of gray-green powder, quickly becoming brown-green sludge spewed forth and unflamed my meat.

The unoozed meat was begrudingly relegated to the broiler and came out very nicely, but only after I hosed down the stovetop and scrubbed it good. Lesson for this weekend : Never do anything. You'll just have to clean it up. I can't wait to find out what mess I'll have to deal with tomorrow.

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