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In Dreams

I've been having some cool dreams lately, here are two of them.

Last week, I had a dream about insomnia. My bedroom was laid out like it was last summer when it was filled with my brother's junk while we redid his room. See, my bed is part of a set of twin beds, and up until a year ago, they had always both been in my room. They were running parallel along the south wall, and I just could not get to sleep. I had tried switching beds, rolling over, anything. Then I got hit by a Christian Laser Beam. I knew it was a Christian Laser Beam, because it was filled with the white-hot annoying light of Jesus.

Then, last night, I had a dream wherein we were camping. My family was taking the car up the mountain to go deposit/reclaim gear, and I was busying myself organizing what was left into a big pile so I could throw a tarp over it. Then it got incredibly dark, and I was beset upon by bugs, so I turned on a flashlight to try and scare them away. The moment I turned the light on, I saw a trio of redchested black wolves baring their fangs and about to pounce. Fortunately for me, I've never been attacked by an animal (besides Glenn and Cat's kitten), so it was more like being savaged by Harry and Ron than by actual animals. I, however, knew how to bite, and managed to get one of their paws into my mouth just before waking up and finding myself gnawing on my teddy bear.

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