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Last Night, I had a Dream

I was in a store, Christmas shopping. Or maybe I was just shopping, seeing as all the items were for me, but it was a Christmassy sort of shopping. I had picked out an umbrella, a copy of my bomber jacket (it's beginning to disintegrate in places), a pair of boots, and a pair of All Stars. I plopped down in the corner somewhere to try on the footwear, and some woman accused me of attacking her. She also accused me of being an Arab. Much argumentation and vitriol followed, and I eventually got her to leave. Now I had thought the boots were leather, but they were actually a wooden pair of clogs with matching greaves. Very weird. The All Stars were made of a slightly translucent very flexible red rubber, too. I put the coat back, I didn't need another bomber jacket, even if the old one was falling apart.

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