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Strange Dreams are made of This?!?

Had a weird dream this morning that would never have occurred if I had gotten up on time. A portal in my room had opened up, and tiny animals were coming out of it. First were some green dinosaurs about the size of your average gaming dice. Then some black insects about the size of the real thing, but nigh indestructible. Following that were some yellow mammals that were clearly inspired by when I had to rip bananas apart last week to get them open.

Finally, the animals began to alternate. They had steadied in size, too, and the mountain lion was about the size of a housecat. This meant that the two species of parrot - one of which could shoot venom at people - were larger than normal household birds. The very last animal was a little bluish-black unicorn who mounted the body of the venemous parrot on its head and proceeded to use its horn as an antenna to rewrite all the computers in the world.

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