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I'm a consumer whore!

Actually, I try not to think of myself as a consumer. I mean, other than the fresh young spicy brains of my students, I don't really consume anything. Still, there's stuff I want, and things.

Things come in four categories: Things I need, Things I want, Things I'd like to have, and Things I don't give a crap about. Most things come in the fourth category. Most things in the first category are obvious: Food, Shelter, Intellectual Stimulation, Farscape (now possibly complete - depends on if I can salvage Disc 1), Transformers (woefully incomplete, Season 3 seems to be out-of-print), the occasional CD laced with crack.

The real issue for me is trying to figure out what divides the "Things I want" from the "Things I'd like to have". Now, once upon a time, new Jyhad was like crack to me, and, frankly, it still is. But like stale track marks, I'm not sure if this is a vein that needs to be popped open again right now. My inability to play (stupid 24-hour day...) has rendered the sweet smell of - say, what drug are those cards laced with, anyway - the Jyhad insufficient to inspire the moneylust in me.

Sunday came around, and there was this burning hole in my wallet, and an itch I wanted to scratch - but did I want to itch it badly enough? I sought answers from without and within, but the best advice I could get was: wait a while, see if it clears up.

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