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It's been...Holy Crap, it's only been a week!?

Vacation: 1
Car: 0

Ran over a branch that completely destroyed a tire. Was an hour late getting into Boston. Decided to go with Plan B: watching Farscape. I had forgotten how crappy I, ET was, but I really believe that Premiere wasn't entirely cliché when it first aired.

Day 1 of the Musem of Science...of Death!

I went to the Star Wars exhibit and was royally disappointed. The Lord of the Rings exhibit was ok, it contained some actual science. Star Wars was all about "what could be", which makes for a really crappy exhibit. Lucked out and caught the Lightning Show.

Day 2 of the Museum of Science...of Death!

Saw Mars: 3D, which was totally awesome. The 3D glasses used polarized, rather than colorized, filters, so there was no silly red/blue/black/white color scheme. The cheap 3D tricks were remotely plausible, and the Martian Landscape was just breathtaking.

Went into Somerville to play cards. Struck out but had a good time.

Hosted an IEEE meeting. But, wait, Greg, you're not an Electrical Engineer! What gives?

Well, gentle reader, when I was in high school, I was an Electrical Engineer. WHS had an overly developed Industrial Technology department, and our Design & Technology and Robotics classes were truly awesome. Anyway, Mr. Seiger, my late mentor, ran the Boston IEEE Robotics & Automation Society chapter out of our High School, and I've taken over as Sclecetary this year.

Had a long talk with a good friend. Angst had led to frustration, which had led to uncomfortableness, which was bad. I'd been in a lot of emotional pain lately (hence my quest to get wasted the last few weeks), and I felt almost instant relief once we started clearing the air. I don't think we're out of the woods yet, but there's a light burning in that Frankenstein place.

Thursday - Saturday
It Happened This Way

Oh ye Gods, the writing. Staying up late, getting up on time, and writing, writing, writing. The game is really coming together, let's hope that we can finish the few loose ends we have to deal with.

Sunday Sunday Sunday
Vacation: 2
Car: 0

I think my transmission died on my way home from Worcester. I had to sit in the cold for 2 hours waiting for AAA, and eventually the tow truck driver himself called and told me to just abandon the car and leave the keys. I wonder if it's still in the parking lot where I left it...

It doesn't sound like much looking back on it, but I was truly shocked that the sushi bill and parking ticket I got in Cambridge so long ago was really the day before this vacation started. It will take at least another week to resolve IHTW, probably the same to get my car fixed or replaced, and who knows how long to finish decompressing the fateful conversation with that friend.

The nice thing about unrequited love is that you really get to be shameless. You have almost nothing to lose. The shitty thing about unrequited love is that they don't have to give a fuck. Sometimes I wonder if my epitaph will read "He had so much love to give, too bad no one wanted it."

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