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Daily Affirmation

The only advice I would dare to give is this: there are an awful lot of people in this world. Most of them will not love you, even if you love them. In fact, most of the ones who SAY they love you will not really mean it. The only way to survive this is to realize that the world is not as loving a place as we'd like it to be. Find the people who care about you in whatever capacity it is (friend, family, lover, teacher, whatever) and treasure those relationships for what they are. We do not get many of them.

And remember to love yourself a bit, too. If you don't see anything worth loving inside you, nobody else will, either. I see in you a person who is compassionate. Sometimes you are so much so that it hurts more than fulfills your life, but it is a strength. You are a loyal friend when you choose to befriend someone. I think your sense of humor is sharp and observant with just a bit of reflection, which happens to be the sort that makes me laugh the most. You probably overlook all these things as not really strengths or not worthy of praise, but they are there and they make you the sort of person I am glad to hang out with.

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