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A near-death-experience on Monday reminded me of something I've always found strange. People find clothes uncomfortable. Now, I'm not just talking about women, for whom the fashion industry is one of their most visible enemies, constantly creating clothes that fit absolutely no one, and expectations of size and scale that are inhumanly cruel, but the consensus at the time was that a significant majority of people, everyday, wear clothes that they find uncomfortable.

This I don't get. My closet is full - overfull, in fact - with clothes that I find comfortable. Clothes that I don't exactly find joyous to wear, but am perfectly happy wearing day-in, day-out, everything in my wardrobe is something I'd feel perfectly fine wearing around the house just 'cause, even the stuff that I don't because it really needs to be dry-cleaned.

I mean, I do have some shirts that don't fit quite right, but they look really nice, and the tiny discomfort of wearing a shirt that doesn't fit quite right is outweighed by the fact that these shirts look really good. So tell me, people of the world, what clothes do you wear - rarely or regularly - that you find uncomfortable? What do you do as an alternative when you're lounging around the house? How and why do you put up with this crap?
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