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I have no food.
I have not actually gone food shopping in months.
I mean, every once in awhile I go down to the Chopper or to Trader Joe's to pick up something specific (or just Honey Farms if they have it), but we have no steak. We have what?

What is it that I crave?
I seek more than just nutrition. I want something I can't have now. Or maybe I just can't find it. I long for something sensuous, and as long as I have been alive, that has only been food. Nothing has ever loved me back the way a steak does. No one ever makes me happy like a cheeseburger. I don't think anyone's even tried.

I know I'm not fat...but I am overweight. Maybe if I eat less rich food I'll lose weight, but I eat so little anyway. Last Friday I hadn't had a bite to eat until 9:30. Maybe it isn't that I eat too much but that I eat too wrong. But I like fresh and healthy food. Its just...not here.

Not here Worcester? Not here my apartment? Maybe just not now...

I'm s Neutral Good Elf Palladin Mage. Not that anybody cares...

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