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We have so much time, and so little to do!

•Thursday, May 18
Best Music Poll (Evar). juldea and I saw 7 bands perform for $25. Included in this list were OK Go, my second favourite band, and Nada Surf, who has good music in addition to Popular. We missed MC Lars because we really needed to have dinner before a 9-hour concert. OK Go was the first band we saw, and they were totally worth the money, which is good, because we spent a not particularly pleasant hour waiting for Blackalicious to show up, only to discover that they were nothing like what I expected or wanted.

•Friday May 19
Over the Hedge. I took my sister out to see the nicely (not overly) satirical and sarcastic comedy about foragers turned scavenger due to the vivid preaching of a Bruce Willis-voiced raccoon. William Shatner plays a 'Possum named "Ozzie" who overacts his own death again and again.

•Saturday, May 20
The aforementioned sister graduated from Simmons. Eve Ensler (of Vagina Monologues fame) gave the Commencement Address. She was a great speaker, but we all felt she got a little too much into the details of her own daddy issues, detracting from the overall message: If you're gonna do something, don't do it for your parents. Don't do it for your audience. Don't do it for your friends or your colleagues or even yourself. If you're gonna do a thing, do it for the thing.

•Sunday, May 21
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. I was playing a stupid trick deck, so I died horribly, but I haven't been able to play in a while, so it was nice to try. Invited friends to lunch buffet at Martsa's (Tibetan), but only juldea was interested. Had to cut lunch short after only one plate due to everyone at the tournament waiting for me, but I was actually done eating then (more on diet later).

•Monday, May 22
Blessed Blessed Sleep.

•Tuesday, May 23
The latest installment of our Earthdawn Game, in which we all received training, either by going upCircle for some, or receiving training in Skills and whatnot for others. Out of boredom, the Illusionist started selling her services to ensorcel people's clothing with the "Look at Me" spell, which causes the wearer to glow, shine, blink, and otherwise attract attention by being brightly coloured. The nobles were not amused. The Thieves' Guild was murderously angry at their loss of wages.

Fortunately, Captain Her Ladyship Alaria Festryl of House Festryl, Owner of the Aras Sea Trading Combine, Captain of the Gift of Theft, and Consummate Thief (who still hasn't quite reached Journeyman status) was able to cure the Thieves' Guild for a mere 50 silver a head (minus the Guild's own take), letting them know that an Illusionist Named Bob (in a distanct city) was responsible for that spell, and then bought 20 barrels of iron ore (of not entirely lawful origin) at 3 silver a barrel to be sold up river for 10 silver a barrel.

•Wednesday, May 24
Gaming at Chez Lui. Taught others how to play Palabra and Mü. A good time was had by all.

•Thursday, May 25
I surely thought I would be stuck going through Towel Day without my towel. Fortunately, I was cured of this fear when juldea offered me her extra ticket to the Red Sox game. It was her first game at Fenway Park, and my first in a looong time, so I jumped at the chance. Sox won, of course, and a good time was had by all, see Exhibit A. On the way out, I bought my sister a Red Sox jersey as a graduation gift. It was hella expensive, but well worth it. Sometimes I think she transferred to Simmons just so she could go to school down the street from Fenway Park.

•Friday, May 26
X-Men 3 (in the Afternoon) and Asian Night (at night). X-Men 3 was great, though I fear Wolverine is becoming too much the star of the series. Rumours abound of spin-off movies before X-Men: Apocalypse, which will be fine, as long as they can ensure that Apocalypse is the best movie in the series, and not merely an afterthought. Asian Night was fraught with difficulties, the greatest being that the food was late and, by the time I was done with dinner, I had to punk out and leave due to excessive tiredness.

•Saturday, May 27
The DaVinci Code with tpau and Raiden. The movie was both better than some had said, and worse than others. A rather mediocre thriller with good penis jokes. I also encountered one of the downsides of losing weight. My favourite shorts were falling off all day. Fortunately, I had packed a change of clothes, as immediately following the movie was Peter Meyer's birthday party.

Peter is Chairman of my chapter of the IEEE, a romantic - literally, he bases all comparisons of culture on whether the Romans would have liked something - and an East German -> Netherlands -> Massachusetts emigré. I have difficulty imagining that he might even own a t-shirt. Half of the people there were people he knew through the IEEE (such as my family), the other half he knew through the German-speaking communities of the area. We had dinner at Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel, from 6 PM until they turned the lights off on us at midnight. Topics included the performing arts, paradoxes of math and science, and urban planning.

•Sunday, May 28
Mini painting with tpau. I worked on Brandon (a birthday gift for Sean based on his character from Alex's Earthdawn Game) and putting the finishing coats on my Eldar Falcon Grav Tank, see Exhibit B. We also took a little stroll through some spoooky graveyards, reading the gravestones with the light of my cell phone, wiping off a few that had grass on them, and learning a little bit about cemetery etiquette. Did you know that rollerblading is not allowed in cemeteries?

•Monday, May 29
Memorial Day itself. Got 2 barbecues to go to, one at Chez Smith, the other at Chez Bryant. Details later.

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