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Once upon a time, an lj-community was founded, bibliots. Its express purpose was to give those of us who are "intellectual and stuff" but hadn't read all of the best books ever written an opportunity to read and discuss them together. You really get more out of the experience that way. Those of you who've visited the community page know that we never actually picked a book to read. The community has remained silent.

Silent no more.

I'm looking into get involved in a production of The Merry Wives of Windsor. I'm a Shakespeare buff, but I've never read this one. I intend to read it, and am inviting all of you (and all your friends) to read it with me and discuss it in bibliots. I plan on getting the Folger Library version, I've had good experience with their printings. You can read any one you like, but it can sometimes be useful if we're all on the same page (literally).

As a play, you can read it at a very fast pace if you want, but I'd like to start a discussion on Act One at the end of next week.
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