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Let's Fly

Who: You and all the cool people you know.

What: Superman Returns

Where: The Mendon Drive-in

When: This sounds like a subject for debate.
Poll #750028 When would you like to see Superman at the Drive-in?

The Question

Friday, June 30
Saturday, July 1
Sunday, July 2
Friday or Saturday
Friday or Sunday
Saturday or Sunday
Sometime over the Weekend
A Weekday
I don't want to go to the drive-in.

Why: Because Superman needs to be seen on the bigger screen.

How: Easy. Cram yourself and all your closest friends into your car, drive on down to Mendon, and park.

  • But, Greg, don't drive-ins suck?
    Why no, actually they don't.

  • But, Greg, how will we hear the movie?
    Drive a car with a radio, or bring a boombox.

  • But, Greg, what if it rains?
    It won't rain. The only time I've seen inclement weather at the drive-in was when we saw Batman Begins. And do you know why there was inclement weather then? Ambience. It started raining lightly when it was raining onscreen, and stopped raining when it was done.

    The Mendon Twin is an awesome theatre, so awesome, in fact, that the second screen was built just a few short years ago. It's $20 a car, so if you stingy folks out there pile into a car for four, that's $2.50 per movie. The snack bar is also awesome and reasonably priced. But remember to bring cash, they don't take American Express (or Visa or Mastercard, for that matter).
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