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Certain persons (tpau) have been begging me to run an Earthdawn game. I will be starting it up pretty soon, and wanted to make sure everyone reading this journal knew they were invited. So, naturally, the 5 Ws:


princess_muffin, shadowravyn, shogunhb, and tpau are in so far. I'd love to see several more.


Earthdawn is a fantasy roleplaying game. It has a richly developed world with well-defined cultures. For those familiar with Shadowrun, it shares FASA's "Name Magic" metaphysics. Depending on the GM's style, it can be epic, horror, post-apocalyptic, or pulp. I'm aiming to highlight its horror and post-apocalyptic aspects. For those of you who are book-happy, we'll be using the Second Edition rules published by Living Room Games.


I intend to run at the house I'm taking care of this summer in Ashland. Ashland is just south of Framingham, 5 minutes from either the Mass Pike or 495.


Tuesday evenings.


Besides the begging, Earthdawn is one of my favourite systems, and each game, even if it doesn't last long, I try to highlight something new and interesting about the world, making it a unique adventure.


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