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Am now fully moved into the doghouse. I set my computer up on the floor in the living room. I can play WoW while reclining on the chaise, or surf the web propped up against it. I ran the elliptical machine for about an hour while listening to lectures 1&2 from The Complete History of Russia. I had forgotten that Peter the Great's best friend was a Dutch Commoner, and that his half-sister had tried to take over the Country.

In other news, I'm closing out the poll from a few days ago. It's clear that Sunday is the best day to watch Superman. Everyone (except Mr. Poopyhead purple_dj) said that Sunday was good for them. I can't say for sure, but it looks like it will be showing with Cars, which is quite a treat for those of you who haven't seen it yet. If people would like to hang out with me before and/or after, and carpool with me, send me an email, otherwise I'll just have my parents drive me in.

Finally, my Earthdawn game is off the ground. Out of 10 respondents, 7 showed up to the character creation party last night. We didn't quite manage to run a test combat, but that's okay, because there will still be time for it next week. The scales are beginning to tilt towards running it at shogunhb's, which annoys me, as Crow Castle is *way* more convenient for me, but I know for a fact we can't meet here every week anyway. I'm thinking of starting up an lj-community for soft RP, and people who aren't in the game but might enjoy it should reply to this post.
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