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A few final reminders re: Superman Returns

1. Bring cash. The Mendon Twin does not take credit cards. Period.

2. Carpool. So far, most of the people who have confirmed their attendance are *couples*. 2 people per car at a drive-in is silly, even if you intend to make-out all movie. If you have empty seats in your car, please try to make it to Crow Castle (see earlier post) to carpool/motorcade. It will also make it easier to find each other if we all park next to each other.

3. Be prepared. If you might want to sit outside, bring a camp chair and a boombox. Even if you don't want to sit outside, bring a camp chair and a boombox. Consider a blanket, it's gotten kinda chilly the last couple of nights.

4. Be on time. It's far more embarassing to be late at the drive-in, not that anyone's really likely to be late to the actual showing. If you want to carpool, though, understand that I intend to *leave* Crow Castle at 5:30, so you should try to be here at 5:15. It's a Sunday, for Christ's sake (literally), you don't have work or any other good excuse to be late, people.

5. Keep connected. 774-249-1564 is a direct line to me at all times. Keep it handy, it should make it easier to get together at the movie/find directions if lost.

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