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Wow, what an awesome weekend. I'll get to more details later, but we watched a lot of movies, and I want to get them recommended ASAP.

She's the Man. Viola's soccer team has been cut from the school roster and the boys' team (captained by her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend) and coach laugh her and her friends off when they attempt to try out. Her twin brother Sebastian is sneaking off to London to promote his band, so she gets some help from her friends to impersonate him and join the soccer team at his school, Illyria Acadamey, to show up her ex in the big game two weeks hence. Complications ensue when she falls for her roommate Duke and Duke's love interest, Olivia, falls for Viola-as-Sebastian. For those who have not picked up on it yet, this is Shakespeare, baby, Twelfth Night (or What You Will). It's also very well done. The characters and actors have a lot of fun with themselves and the premise, its only flaw is that Malvolio is a tarantula. This movie passes the Mo Movie Measure in numerous ways, my favourite being when Viola-as-Sebastian and Olivia are negotiating their lab partnership in Biology and Viola-as-Sebastian confesses a dislike of dissection. Olivia comments that most guys would never admit to that, and Viola-as-Sebastian curses zer error.

Monster House. Awesome movie with lots of thrills, chills, spooks, and excuses to squeeze your boyfriend. Reviews have recommended against very small children watching it, but no one in our theatre seemed to have a problem. DJ has been cataloguing the horrors of his fiendish neighbor Mr. Nebbercracker, who dies suddenly while DJ is trying to get his best friend's brand new basketball back. The House then goes berzerk, attacking and eating everything in sight, and with Halloween just 27 hours away, it's up to DJ and Chowder to save the neighborhood children. This movie has a fantastic Mo Movie Moment when Jenny (the girl) and Zee (the babysitter) negotiate stealing money from DJ's parents. The movie has great and appropriate sexual tension for a kids' movie, and does not resolve it in stereotypical fashion.

10 Things I Hate About You. More Shakespeare. This one was somewhat urgent to see, as we're seeing Taming of the Shrew, the play it's based on, on the Common on Wednesday. David Krumholtz, the Jewiest, Nerdiest guy in Hollywood, plays a surprisingly big role in this movie, and fans of his from Numb3rs or Serenity may want to rewatch it. New kid in town, Cameron, desperately wants to date Bianca Stratford, who has been forbidden from dating so long as her "heinous bitch" sister Kat remains single. Cameron and his friend Michael hatch a plot to get Kat involved, but this is High School, and you can never tell until the end of the movie just who is really using who. It's hard to do Taming of the Shrew, as Bianca can't be quiet and demure and popular in the modern age, and Kate's transformation in the end is too over the top for modern audiences, but 10 Things does a great job negotiating these waters. Mo would love this movie.

Jeffrey. Jeffrey is an absurdist comedy with absolutely no Fourth Wall about desperation and frustration in a world where sex may very well be too deadly to be worth it. Jeffrey, not knowing what else to do, swears off sex and decides to go put all of his physical energy into working out, only to meet a truly and marvelously hot guy who's all over him at the gym. Jeffrey must resolve his fears about AIDS and commitment or discover he's lost all opportunity to enjoy life. This movie probably has no Mo Movie Moment. There are no female characters that survive more than one scene, except for silent Mother Theresa. It's a movie about gay men and, by plot necessity, nearly every character has to be a sex object for Jeffrey, so it fails due to context, not so much sexism. I usually don't like GLBTQ movies. In and Out left me feeling very annoyed, even though I can't think of any scene I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Jeffrey, maybe due to its absurdist nature, was a very satisfying and thought provoking film.

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