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It's Party Time! (Answers)

With SFS Advisor and WPI Professor George Phillies getting a lot of lj-press today regarding his 2008 Presidential bid, I find these entries of my own topical:

Unenrolled Voters 2,000,062 48.8%
Democratic 1,526,711 37.2%
Republican 532,319 13.0%
Libertarian 23,900 .6%
Green 9,509 .2%
Other 6,133 .1%

"Unenrolled" has been the largest political affiliation in Massachusetts since 1992, and has been growing in "popularity" every year! To help keep this poll free of meddling, I included in my response what I would have estimated before I knew the exact figures.

A long time ago, we had "cross-endorsement" or "fusion voting" as standard operating procedure here in the United States. Basically, a candidate could receive nominations from several political parties. This allowed people to vote for a candidate, but also help indicate which aspect of that candidate's position most closely reflected their own views, by aligning themselves with one of the many parties nominating that candidate. This practice was systematically eliminated in 42 states as Democrats and Republicans feared losing electoral battles against more than one political party.

With roughly half of Massachusetts voters as unenrolled, it is abundantly clear that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are offering what Massachusetts voters want, yet they consistently get all the electoral attention because of the perceived inability of "third" parties to be electable. One of the more powerful minority parties in New York, the Working Families Party has been trying to expand into Massachusetts. They've managed to put a referendum on this year's ballot to reinstate cross-endorsement (vote YES on #2!)

So, uh, they want me to work for them. I don't particularly agree with their political stance, but the opportunity to work to repair American politics and be a leader of that change is very appealing. I love the idea of working to bring back the people's confidence in the core of our political system - voting - while simultaneously eliminating the two greatest threats to our country - the Democratic and Republican parties. The hours suck - 2-10pm and the pay will be unpredictable and probably lousy, but I'm having great difficulty dismissing the idea of being a part of a movement to effect change in an ailing world, to move Massachusetts and the rest of the country forward.
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