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tpau went away to Los Angeles for a few days. We had a bet to see how long it'd take us to drive each other insane after she got back. berek won.

While she was gone, I moved back to Crow Castle to take care of the dogs again. Maple was really obnoxious all week, and Daisy was on antibiotics, so she was very cranky herself.

Saturday came, time for me to pick my girlfriend up at the airport. No slouch, I made a stop at the florist on my way into Boston, getting to Logan plenty early and parking and waiting. Now, she had left the day before TSA had an aneurism and banned liquids, so I felt it my civic duty to openly, publicly, and frequently drink from my nalgene bottle of water, even getting it refilled at the Dunkin' Donuts. I met my lady love at the baggage claim, giving her the truly marvelous yellow rose I had picked up, and helping her carry her bags over to my car.

Since my driverside window is still1 borked, I suggested we stow her laptop and any other valuables in my trunk while we went out to dinner. I popped open the trunk, wherein a bouquet of purple irises lay in wait. Not to be outdone, she responded by presenting me with my very own cowboy, a Build-a-bear promethean complete with backpack and baseball cap, who moos on command.

We had dinner on the way home at Martsa's on Elm, a delightful little Tibetan restaurant in Davis Square. I then took her to my castle where she gave me *more* presents - matching Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger from Disneyland! We talked long into the night and slept in the next day.

That was last weekend. This past weekend, I had to temporarily relocated out of Crow Castle as the owners returned fron Pennsic to shower and do laundry before continuing with their vacation. We had made plans to go to Riverside (Six Flags for you people from for'n parts), but the intermittent thunderstorms ensured that we'd never get to go on a roller coaster. We called up everyone who had planned on going and cancelled, changing gears to go to the Museum of Science and see a few things.

We managed to pack quite a few things into getting a late start at the museum. We saw Elephants and Rhinos and Mars! at the 3D theatre. E&R was awesome, definitely a smaller part of an upcoming feature length 3D film on African Wildlife. The 3D effects were awesome, but they need to work on their cinematographic style a little more, some of the cuts were very jarring, making it hard to resume 3D vision. Mars, as already stated, was awesome.

We then got in line to see Body Worlds 2, which was an interesting experience. I loved seeing real solid internal organs laid out, showing their internal shape, sturcture, and relationship. I loved seeing the cancerous and other diseased tissues. The full-bodied scultures, however, seemed largely gratuitous. They provided the illusion of muscles in tension, but were mostly just creepy.

We were done sooner than the wonderful staff person who helped us plan our schedule had anticipated, so we briefly looked at the frogs and snakes and ferrets in the live animal exhibit, before snagging lunch on our way over to the Butterfly Garden. It was great to see so many butterflies in flight and in nature. I mananged to get one enterprising little butterfly onto my finger. tpau rescued one from the floor and proceeded to squeal like a little girl. The staff members on hand agreed: They may look like pretty wingy things when they're in nature, but the moment they touch you, they turn into bugs!

After the butterfly garden, we trekked back over to the Red Wing (yeah, not the most straightforward path) to see Dolphins at the Omni. It was very pretty, and not more fluffly than most of the more recent Omni films, with clever CGi and narration from Pierce Brosnan and music by Sting.

Lastly, we saw Laser U2, which was cool, though one projector was out of focus, making Vishnu this strange blue blob during Mysterious Ways. I bought her a set of butterfly earrings that she was looking at to celebrate our upcoming minianniversary, and then we had dinner at PF Chang's. I can't wait to see her again.

PS - userpic was stolen from a spermbank on craigslist. I have no idea if I'll ever want to use the icon, so I'm using it at the first opportunity.
1. Does anyone have any ideas for how to replace the little plastic thingy that holds my car window in the track?

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