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It's been pretty much confirmed that my backpacks were stolen. While nothing had much in the way of intrinsic value, a lot of it had sentimental value, and some of it had been around a long long time...

  • L. L. Bean backpack
    I've had this thing since 1995. It's weathered high school, college, grad classes, blizzards, hurricanes, and the end of the world. It's been to Canada, Florida, Italy, and on every plane trip I've ever made. I've used it to carry books, papers, clothes, characters, food, and a whole host of other things. At first, I was annoyed that I was one of the only kids in school to have an L. L. Bean without my initials, but the anonymity probably made it a lot less stealable. It has been stolen once before. During my sophomore year, at a rehearsal for Funny Girl, it wandered off. It showed up in the office a few days later, and I was most amused at its contents. My textbooks (ranging in value from the $5 for English class novels to upwards of $100 for hefty science textbooks) were fine. My $90 graphing calculator was left completely unscathed. My Magic cards were stolen. They were in a leatherette baggie (two, actually, to protect the squashed marbles from falling out) and were probably mistaken for a drug stash. This event was the final kick I needed to quit Magic.

  • The Golden Disc
    The collection of items that eventually became the Golden Disc began accumulating in 1997 at the release of the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game. This was my reintroduction (a year since my Magic cards were stolen) to Gaming. This was also the beginning of my coin collection. I started gathering '76 quarters and half-dollars for use as gaming tokens and d2s. I bought some small bricks of dice (as opposed to bricks of small dice) for use in Axis & Allies and for keeping track of Influence and whatnot in B5CCG. Two years later, lordsoth gave me a $10 gift certificate to TE for Christmas, and I bought my first Fantasy Dice set and a pile of d10s. In the end, The Golden Disc had over 100 squashed marbles, over 200 little plastic discs, four fantasy dice sets (including the free set I stood in line for at GenCon '05), and assorted solo dice. The Golden Disc itself was acquired somewhere during the 2000-2002 years at Wachusett Street. Someone, I think either k1ttycat, riccakitty, or doc_smiley's mom, had given the apartment a small tin filled with cookies. I used the tin to store my dice. It picked up a lovely little dent one winter when lady_darkwolf tripped and fell on an icy curb, spilling contents everywhere. Through her diligent handiwork (and nyren and sylverfyre's, IIRC), everything was returned, though my Sacajaweae were tarnished.

  • my sunglasses
    I've only ever had one pair of glasses. I acquired them in '99 so I could drive. I only started using them in Physics class and at MIT so I could sit in the back and still read. This was until rabidfangurl told me they changed me from "attractive" to "mental attractive", so I started figuring they might be worth wearing all the time. :) The first movie I saw with my glasses was The Matrix, and, oh my god, the difference they made. I could barely watch the previews from where we got stuck in the theatre, but everything on the screen became crisp and clear when I put them on. PearlVision was having a BOGO on glasses, so I bought mine alongside my mother, who has a wicked expensive proscription. This allowed me to buy any pair I wanted, and I got a lovely little pair of brass Bugle Boys that came with their own clip-on sunglasses that clip in a very unobtrusive way. I've had these glasses for 7 years, and they are beginning to fall apart. But it's sad to think about losing them instead of replacing them.

  • Earthdawn
    This one really hurts because it's just so damned important right now. With the closeout of Crossroads: Eminent Twilight, and the hiati of Endgame and Crossroads: Radiant Dawn, Earthdawn is the only game I play, and right now it's at 2 nights a week. I had all of the most important books in my backpack, and I still haven't had a chance to catalogue what I'm missing (the list given in the previous entry is only a guess). I know that it'll be a bitch and a half to replace Magic: A Manual of Mystic Secrets, though. I hope I can find replacements for the books I need quickly.

  • tpau's stuff
    And, of course, losing this is painful because it's not mine. She (and I) really liked those whiteboard pens and that maglite. But the Moscow Journal, with her scribblings of her trip home earlier this year, and my notes from learning Russian, not matter the fact that the information is replicated elsewhere, is irreplaceable.
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