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When I was a kid, we would go to Air Shows. It was a neat little thing, we could see Airplanes through the ages, some on the ground, some in the Air. We got to hear Sonic Booms and see Stealth Bombers and Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

One time, the sky was an incredibly bright gray. We had set ourselves up on a blanket to watch the Airplanes fly overhead. The sky was so bright that I decided to rest my eyes for a minute and covered them with my hands. When it came time for the planes to fly overhead, my eyes had grown used to the darkness my hands provided, and it was so bright out that I couldn't see anything.

My fear of the light pitted me in darkness for the rest of the day. Now I fear I've condemned myself to a lifetime of darkness, but I can't even remember seeing the light.

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