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Unbleached, Unbromated

I bought some wraps to make tacos with. They were Cedar's (purveyors of fine hummus and other hippie products) and were unbleached. And unbromated.

Now, generally speaking, I'm confident that someone listing 'unbromated' on their product would imply that bromation were a bad thing. But I don't really know. Would your sour milk sales increase if you labeled the cartons 'Unpasteurized?' Would anyone who actually knew what that meant buy it? Would anyone who didn't know what that meant NOT buy it?

There are so many things (which I will just blanketly call 'hippie foods') that make wild claims on their labels in bright, shiny, ad-colours, and then have fine print underneath it that tells you the company was lying to you. Why would someone buy this?

While it's true that not all things that are true have been proven, aren't there fine lines between 'unproven,' 'unprovable,' and 'wrong?' Shouldn't something that routinely denies proof be set aside in the 'maybe' pile for awhile?

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