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You've Got The Touch!

I finished watching Transformers:TOS today, with the following geekgasms:

•Optimus Prime returns from the dead and uses the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to light their darkest hour (and, yes, you do hear You've Got The Touch in the background).

•Grimlock gets flooded with ant-electrons, become a genius, build the Technobots, and then imbues their gestalt Computron with his supreme intellect. While a genius, he ceases to start every sentence with "Me Grimlock" and uses "I, Grimlock".

•Computron collects and analyzes battle data. Literally. He'll stand there and say something like: "Datum: I keep listing Data out loud. Datum: There is insufficient time during battle to conduct such outer monologue. Analysis: Computron should shut up during battle."

•At the beginning of every season, they introduce a ton of new characters for "no apparent reason" (i.e. their toys had just been built. P.S. It's so cool seeing my favorite toys on-screen and saving the day).

Time to start poking Amazon about Beast Wars...

P.S. Kup's war stories actually came in handy during Season 3.

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