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Six Years Meme

Let's see, six years ago, I was living in my first apartment with lucasthegray and Troll. I was a sophomore at WPI, and spent a bit too much of my time locked in my bedroom drinking tea and reading Cryptonomicon. I had just been voted out as SFS Treasurer in favor of yet another girl who wouldn't last the year, and joined the "Jaded Ex-Officers' Club" in a matter of seconds. I turned down my first opportunity for sex. See, Alison had wanted to watch Mulan, which was totally one of my favorite movies, so we did. We then played a rousing game of "Where's Greg's teddy bear?", followed by "Where's Alison's bra strap?", but I vetoed "What's inside Greg's pants?" I wanted to have sex...just not with Alison.

Freshman year of high school, but that was in the fall. In January, I was beginning the planning stages of the shakeresque table I would build in shop class that I carried around to all of my college apartments. Right now, it's in my parents' house as it needs to be reglued. This was one of the few non-Science classes I got to take with my friend Paul, who took Math 2 years ahead of us and therefore had a wicked complicated schedule. Mr. Snyder was my English teacher for the second year in a row (He still teaches 8th Grade, BTW), and by now he had learned most of my bad mental habits. My guidance counselor had been replaced by someone who turned out to be one of the smartest adults I'd ever met when she flat-out asked "You haven't had a happy childhood, have you?" The answer, of course, was "no". I may have laughed. Is it Schadenfreude if you get amusement at your own misfortune?

Miss Wolski was awesome. Everyone loved her. We had an aquarium in the classroom and did lots of stuff that was so cool, I forgot most of it, though I do remember writing my first book. It was non-fiction, All About Me, and everyone wrote one. It was like 150 pages or something. Really kind of impressive for a second grader (though it helped that Miss Wolski had been doing that particular project for years). This was also David Baghai-Rad's first semester in Wellesley. We sat in the back of the classroom and pretended our desks were jeeps, and we'd venture out into the desert to fight Iraqis (note this was before the Persian Gulf War. Dave was from Iran).

I don't remember much about 1983, I just know that my mother was pregnant with my sister and that we were living in Waltham (We moved to Wellesley when I was four and my parents are still there. I lived there for almost exactly 20 years). I often wonder what my life would have been like if we'd stayed. I probably would have spent my childhood getting beaten up by getoffended and modi15 instead of the psychological abuse I went through in Wellesley. I would have been a total geek for sure, moreso as I'd've been able to hang out at Danger Planet from an early age. I think this was the winter my parents had the crazy idea of putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it while my brother and I were asleep. I was 2 at the time, how do you think I'd react? "Mom, there's a tree in our living room!"

Thirty Years Ago: I wasn't.

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