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World's Largest Dungeon, Part Deux

Yesterday, the intrepid explorers

Lenny, the Human Paladin (londo)
Turgen, the Elven Pervy Non-Elven Fancying Rogue (evan712)
Fedra, the Human Barbarella (juldea)
Happy, the Human Spiked-Chain Monkey (thatjoe)
Robin, the Halfling "Acquirer" (kestrel404)
Wynn, the Human Cleric of Kord (ruggrat)
Gaffney, Halfling Paladin, and his trusted steed Menchi Waldo (etherial)

returned to the bowels (well, more like nasal passages) of the World's Largest Dungeon under the cruel will of Dungeonmaster shogunhb. For those who've been counting, it's been over a year since our first last session. During this year, my character sheet was stolen, which gave a good impetus for recreating my character with D&D 3.5 rules. 10 hours (approximately) of Hardcore Dungeoncrawling led to a mere 20 more pages (2.4%) of completion. A good time was had by all.

No one really chronicled what happened last session, so I'm going into more detail today, lest we forget.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, Turgen had waded into a room filled hip-deep with rotting corpses, and had caught a rather nasty infection. Happy and Wynn stayed behind to protect him whilst the rest of us set out to find a cure. In the event we did not find a cure, we hoped to please Kord by killing lots of evil monsters, and perhaps Wynn could gain his favor and be able to Cure Turgen of his disease.

We encountered

Gronnash, the Halfling Bardbarian (jediseth)
Airc, the Half-Orc Ranger (pacingincircles)

who did not reek of evil and seemed nice enough chaps, so we banded together for mutual protection. Gronnash then got us nearly killed when he detonated a magic gem of "exploding in your face".

By this time, Turgen was on Death's Door, and we headed down an exceedingly large corridor that led to an exceedingly large room in hopes to slay an exceedingly large group of beasts. The room was filled with Fiendish Dire Darkmantles, so we formed the "Hedgehog Formation" - tightly packed, pointy things up - and wandered around the room looking for treasure.

The Darkmantles attacked! Gaffney skewered one with his lance (must gloat - first crit Evar!), but Airc was dropped by the two that attacked him. The next round, Lenny was dropped. It was looking pretty grim. We shuffled a Hedgehoggy retreat toward the door, but were too large to fit. Fedra started dragging her downed comrades out of danger through the doorway, but the remaining Darkmantles attacked. It started looking even grimmer, but we got a handle on them and they were no more.

The party has now been split into four equal-sized portions: Dead Dwarves, Halflings, Unconscious Medium-Sized Humanoids, and Conscious Medium-Sized Humanoids. We slept and leveled, and now Turgen may survive to see the next session.

Lessons learned include:
•Do not mess with Gaffney Darkmantleslayer.
evan712 will be 1200 miles from home whenever we play WLD.
•Fiendish Dire Darkmantles cast Fiendish Dire Darkness.
•Half-Halfling Parties are cute and surprisingly effective.
•Kobolds do not respect the rules of Parley.
•Magic Feathers turn into whips and then disappear after an hour of going "What the hell are we gonna do with a whip?"
•When traveling in dark, tall, places, hold things above your head.

and lastly

•Do not touch the magic gem of "exploding in your face".

World's Largest Dungeon


57 out of 840 pages completed. At the current rate, it will take 30 years to complete the Dungeon.
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