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The State of the Union

Where are we?

The National Debt climbs a half-trillion dollars a year. The Trade Deficit is twice that. Take home pay stagnates. Our schools don't compete. Energy prices soar, and our War on Iraq has killed 3000 Americans and 2/3 of a million Iraqis. The Military Commission Act says the President can kidnap and torture you. Don't ask if he'll do that. He already kidnapped Jose Padilla, held him three years without judicial process, and so tortured him, this man is now insane.

And what is Congress debating? Baseball Steroids, Gay Marriage, Terry Schiavo, French Fries - they found a name for them - twice - two different names, and last year, they stopped the international terrorist port bombing internet poker players. The federal Democrats and Republicans are incompetent, corrupt menaces to our Republic, our faiths, our Constitution, and our way of life. And they're running our Country. They're running our Country straight into the ground!

- George Phillies
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