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My Compliments...

We had rehearsal for the Brahms Requiem tonight.

All rehearsal long, Prof. Miller (Holy Cross) told us how they were treating us like a professional chorus, and how none of the professional choruses in the state could match us on this piece, and he just kept buttering us up...and it really frustrated me.

I don't take well to compliments because they always sound like fake fake lies. Patronization. Especially in circumstances like this where we have 3 hour rehearsals of a very difficult piece. It makes perfect sense to get the chorus to feel good about themselves so they'll energetically throw themselves at the piece.

We do sound really good, but I have no idea if we really are that good.

Why don't you all come find out?
We're performing Sunday, April 28th at 3:30 PM at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. $15 General Public. $8 Students, Seniors, Starving Artists, etc.

2:30 PM lecture (presumably on the piece) by Prof. John Delorey (WPI), my very own choral director.

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