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Departed from Reality

Last Night, I had a dream. I was playing Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) from The Departed. We were in Queenan (Martin Sheen)'s office, which looked disturbingly like a high school chemistry classroom. We were examining some drawings with Costigan (Leanardo DiCaprio), that he had found that looked like a clue. Sullivan (Matt Damon) was there too, looking at them, and somehow I had figured out that he was the Dirty Cop. So, I was secretly trying to wave Queenan over so we could overpower Sullivan while also trying to figure out what he was looking at before he could poison our minds with his lies.

So, we're looking at this thing, and it kind of resembles an obese gentleman hiring a prostitute, drawn in a Pseudo-Victorian style, outside some kind of establishment, but it's hard to read the sign. It has too many lines, it looks kind of like it has Art Deco lines drawn over the logo to resemble crab arms. Or maybe a bass clef. Or maybe the Fianna Tribe Symbol. Sullivan says it's one thing, and I'm not sure if he's lying, so I take a closer look. He tells me the things on the bottom look like crab arms, but I tell him they look more like letters.

He's sure they're not letters, because, while they do look kind of like a Pseudo-Asian "L" and "J" that you might see outside a Chinese Restaurant or Sushi Bar (or on a bottle of Ah-So Sauce), "L. J." means nothing to him. But I notice that, if you look closely, the document is covered with little "LJ"s, and I'm about to grab the nearest computer when I wake up.

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