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World's Largest Dungeon, Part Три

Sunday, the intrepid explorers

Lenny, the Human Paladin (londo)
Turgen, the Elven Pervy Non-Elven Fancying Rogue (deceased due to Fancying the Deceased) (evan712)
Fedra, the Human Barbarella (juldea)
Happy, the Human Spiked-Chain Monkey (thatjoe)
Robin, the Halfling "Acquirer" (kestrel404)
Wynn, the Human Cleric of Kord (ruggrat)
Gronnash, the Halfling Bardbarian (jediseth)
Airc, the Half-Orc Ranger (pacingincircles)
Fortinbras, the Human Cleric of De Fault (evan712)
Gaffney, Halfling Paladin, and his trusted steed Waldo (etherial)

scuffed up the nasal passages of the World's Largest Dungeon under the cruel will of Dungeonmaster shogunhb. Someone broke into my apartment and changed all the clocks around, so I (and the party) got to a late start. This, coupled with the fact that shogunhb had to duck out early to do some work, meant that we didn't really get very far at all. A good, though short, time was had by all who actually played.

We did manage to have a lovely little hostage negotiation with some kobolds and were very nearly reminded how nasty sturges could be. Alas, Turgen succumbed to his wounds, but we did find a trustworthy looking fellow in the aforementioned kobold situation.

We did finally manage to acquire some awesome treasure. Turns out there was a trio of everburning torches in a secret room and we now have to worry less about running out of light.

Only 6 more hours of Hardcore Dungeoncrawling this month. I'm rather doubtful that we made significant progress, but I'll assume a percentage point until I hear otherwise. At least my dog managed to level. Update (7/30/07): After Session Five, the page count has not changed significantly, so I'm rescinding the extra percentage point.

World's Largest Dungeon


~58 out of 840 pages completed. At the current rate, it will take 17 years to complete the Dungeon.
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