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It has been confirmed. My car was totalled - again - on March 10th. Some dumbass wasn't paying attention while she was driving and smashed in my right headlight. Other than that, the car's fine, so I payed to have it repaired, even though it's more than the cost of the car ('cause really, who wants to buy an '89 Buick with the driver's window taped shut?), a new(er) car is probably more than I can afford.

For those of you who've been paying attention, this did not happen in the last week of February, though I did manage to lose a tire on 2/28 on my way to a mission critical GM meeting, marking the fourth consecutive February in which something horrible has happened to my car in the last gasp.

The last week of February has eaten:

2 tires
1 transmission
1 front grille + headlight
1 entire car

Not my favorite month.

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