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Mmm, so I forgot to record my thoughts from the funeral Sunday:

•*blink* My grandfather was a Mason?
•Thanks to my grandfather's and other units, not a single allied ship was lost to U-boats during Operation Overlord. He always claimed that he had been on-board one of his bombers during the D-Day Invasion. I left it out of my earlier biographical post because it was against regulations, and I therefore wasn't entirely sure it was true. But it does seem like the sort of thing he'd do.
•One of the men in his unit sent in a letter telling a story of how, for one of their reunions, one of the men couldn't afford to come. My grandfather flew out to where this man lived, rented a car, drove him out, paid for his hotel room and food, then drove him home, and never told a soul.
•The most negative thing he's ever said about a person that anyone could recall was "He's such a pistsol!"
•Oh, crap, they're playing Taps, where's my handkerchief? We had 3 Navy guys drive up from Groton to honor him. They presented my father with a Flag (pre-folded and in a plastic flag case due to weather) and played Taps. Taps makes me cry. Just thinking about Taps makes me cry.
•Many people complemented me on how I strove to portray him honestly, and how he'd've appreciated his human faults and frailties remembered.

12 straight hours of Smalltalk is hard!

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