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About five years ago, I made a post tracking my flist. Before the advent of current features, there was no way to tell if someone had friended you. For about a month, I kept track of them individually, but that threattened to be way too much work and wasn't *really* what I cared about, so I started tracking them in aggregate. Every 10 friend-ofs, I'd go back to that post and update it with a comment. I seriously never expected to reach 100 friend-ofs (let alone today's 132), but an estimated 10% of those are (seemingly) dead or no-post journals, so 100 wasn't *that* far off.

Anyway, I was amused because my flist finally became too big for lj to put into a single comment, so I separated out the communities. It's interesting to see certain friends-groups infect my flist and spread out, and to see personality clashes that lead to on-again/off-again friending.

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