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I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

Yesterday, I took the day off from work so I could try and get out of the downward spiral of emotional blah blah blah that I've been in. Among other things, I saw Adam Sandler's new film about a single father who marries his best friend in order to ensure that his survivor benefits get passed on to his children. The catch, of course, is that his best friend is a womanizing man-whore, and they both work in one of the most macho jobs left in the world, they're firefighters.

I'm ambivalent to this movie. On the one hand, the only time there are two female characters onscreen at the same time is when there are six of them in matching lingerie, or they're sisters who are going to make out to compete for Chuck's affections, or one of them is an 8 year old girl. The jokes aren't funny, either. On the other hand, the two main characters are surprisingly endearing, and they're just trying to do the right thing, or something, and the sap in me can't resist getting drawn into the story of two best friends, who are only trying to protect someone, getting caught in a lie.

While the movie did take a stand for gay rights in a disturbing, roundabout fashion, I frankly would have preferred if the courtroom sequence had gone on to respond to a criticism of equal marriage that really needs dispelling: If a man and a woman are best friends and trust each other and never have sex, they're still well within their rights to get married, and just about no one will bat an eye, and that's perfectly ok. If two men want to do the same thing, that's also perfectly ok.

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