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Minipainting is so fun. I finally finished my Magnus, Wizard of Hope and Eldar Warp Spider Exarch. Magnus is a bit of a throwaway mini, as most of his purchase price went to charity, so I painted him in the Überhighlighted style that most minipainters love and I detest. The Exarch is for adding to my (mostly ceremonial) Eldar Army, so he gets flashy things like my Arms on his back and a fade job on his Powerblades. tpau and I had hoped to do some mini painting together over the last year, but with me being unceremoniously banned from the Craft Room, my mini painting supplies didn't even leave my parents' house. Tomorrow, I'm going to work on my Ymrilix the False, Anti Paladin and Gragg Elfslayer, Orc King, both of which I bought for playing Earthdawn four years or so ago. Pictures forthcoming, assuming I can steal k1ttycat's digital camera.

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