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Who Wants To Be A Superhero

Not having the first season on DVD, I think I like this season better. There are fewer crap characters, and there's a lot of very good, very realistic drama. Oddly, I feel kind of bad for Hyperstrike and Parthenon. They've sailed through most of the challenges to the point where it's actually kind of hard to empathize with them. They've never failed, they've never broken down. I haven't seen the first episode, but I think the only time either one of them was up on the chopping block for elimination was when Hyerstrike was stuck with the whiny Mr. Mitzvah in a team-based exercise. I fear that, unless they stay perfect for the rest of the show, as soon as they're on the chopping block, they'll lose to the sympathetic-yet-easily-distracted Hygena or to the bossy-yet-well-meaning Defuser. Still, I'm glad the gay hero didn't get eliminated on the first episode this time. And he's cute, too.

In other WWTBASH news, Feedback got totally gypped in Megasnake. In retrospect, I suppose I shouldn't have expected him to star in a movie, but it's a SciFi Channel cheesy monster of the week movie. Surely they can't make it much worse by putting a nonactor in a starring role, least of all the guy with enough charisma, talent, and good nature to win at this game. As it was, he was onscreen for about 30 seconds.

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