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I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggoneit...

Yeah, I feel like crap. Depressed worthless crap. So I'm going to try and list some of the cool things I've done/felt in the past while.

•I went on a road trip down to Philly. I hung out with cool people, got lost in Virginville, crossed the Maiden Brook, and had cheesecake on a stick. I bought pretty swords and got sassed by the wenches at the Thorny Rose booth, mostly for having the good sense to wear their garb.

•I spent a quiet day chilling out with friends including receiving free lunch from the ever-generous and awesome evan712.

•I went to a Camelot meeting and was not too nervous to voice my concerns over the dumbassery that the Gub'mint seems to be forcing into our Condo Docs.

•I drove past My Land a couple of times.

•I spent Tuesday with ultimatepsi, doing fun things like setting her apartment on fire, cooking lunch, building a futon, playing puzzles, and watching UHF.

•I was reelected Secretary of the Boston Chapter of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society for the third straight year (not that there was much competition). I attended an awesome lecture on the philosophical aspects of Robotics Education.

•I gave my Uncle Glen a big hug at the funeral of my Uncle Joe.

•I went to Rocky Horror with rabidfangurl. The preshow had a bestiality theme, including "Rape Me" (featuring a farmboy, a cow, a dog, a pig, a sheep, and a mouse), "The Bad Touch" ( featuring hot chicks, the aforementioned animals, and some crabs that got beaten up), and "The Time Warp", as performed by Alvin and the (Incestuous) Chipmunks. I got complimented on my costume (socks, boxer briefs, and a silk robe), and I even got to molest the dog.

•I had a really sweet margarita and some awesome fried jalapeño thingies at nightskyre's birthday luncheon, and kicked butt at the subsequent WarioWare playing.

•I played 2 games of Power Grid, one in which I kicked butt, and the other in which I got my butt kicked.

My Candidate thanked me for the work I've been doing on his campaign.

•The consultant we hired to teach us how to display data has basically confirmed everything I recommended when putting together our last Semi-Annual Report. If only the PhDs at the ACS had listened to me...

•I managed to come back from certain death and win in a game of Jyhad with my Wolf Cannon deck (which ironically hasn't done very well since I fixed it).

•I called a depressed friend to try and cheer him up.

•I have been working at QCMetrix for 365 days.

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