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My father and I spent the day at the Mass Libertarian Party Convention. It was a small lunch affair, rife with parliamentary procedure and buffet-style food. As expected, there were some people in suits and some people in ratty t-shirts. One had "Uncle Sam" style pictures of a Donkey and an Elephant with guns pointed at you saying "Your money/Or your rights". Steve Kubby sent a man to stump for him. Wayne Allyn Root sent us a video, of which we watched the first six minutes (Kubby's man was also given six minutes of time). George Phillies and Mike Jingozian then had a debate, which included 20 minutes of Introduction each, a dozen questions asked by those in attendance, and a 3 minute closing. Mike is a CEO and knows how to lead and he knows how to manage. But he's an unconvincing speaker. He lacks vision.

I've never seen a Presidential Candidate speak in person before, so maybe this is less of a radical thing for me to say, but Phillies wants to win. Clinton, Giuliani, Obama, Romney, they want to be popular. I see them talk and all I see is that they want me to like them. Phillies wants to make the world a better place (Qualification #1). He's not crazy (Qualification #2). He's well-spoken, enthusiastic, funny, and knowledgeable. He looks you in the eye. I knew Bill Clinton would win but never believed in him. I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry but never believed in them. I believe in George Phillies.

2/3 of Americans say the Two Party system has failed them. 2/3 of Americans are not enrolled in a major party. A recent poll indicated that, between Clinton, Giuliani, and an unnamed Third-Party Candidate, there would be a three-way tie. For the first time since 1860 (OK, 1912), we have a big shot at getting a Third Party Candidate in the White House. The only wasted vote is a vote for a Democrat or a Republican.
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