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Personal History

20 years ago, I...was six. I was in the first grade. I've honestly forgotten most everything about this year. It was kind of traumatic. Jesse Hayes had decided he no longer wanted to be my friend, and that was just the beginning of a lot of bad crap I had to put up with.

15 years ago, I...was eleven. I was now attending Middle School. I was part of House SI had just gotten back from my first summer at Belknap, and the longest consecutive period I've spent outside Massachusetts (three weeks). My homeroom teacher taught History (bleech) and English (double-bleech). Strangely, I don't remember much about my Math teacher that year, but I had strong inclinations toward mathematicianhood by the time I was 12. My Science teacher, Mrs. Brown, was on the verge of retirement. We went over each test word for word the week before, and there were still kids who couldn't pass. This was my first year in the Boy Scouts, having gotten my Arrow of Light the previous year. Unfortunately, the other boys in my Den had all dropped out and I was pretty much alone in the Troop. I was too dumb to join dilettante's troop, so I dropped sometime when I was in High School.

10 years ago, I...was sixteen. Eek. I was a Junior in High School. I had given up on taking Honors English. I couldn't convince the department my lackluster grades were due to boredom. I had a similar situation with Social Studies, but I was probably better off in the Level 2 U.S. History than the A.P. class - there was no Level 1 anymore except in Math. I was taking Computer Science, Russian History, and hated studies so much I was working in the school store three times a week. Our Drama teacher had been an actor at the Globe Theatre, which meant he knew MacBeth well enough to make up for the fact that he was a horrible director. I was working a couple nights a week at CVS, and saving my money to buy Anime tapes and B5 CCG cards. My family got its first new computer. We also got cable internet, which finally justified getting cable television. I taught role playing to other high schoolers at MIT. I had a crush on a boy in my English class.

5 years ago, I...had just turned 21. I'd had a birthday party at my latest apartment. thirdson brought a case of Savanna, a South African hard cider that the local liquor store was liquidating. I bought 2 cases and had it with lunch and/or dinner most days until I ran out. This was the first year I had a car at school, and I frequently found myself driving friends to outings, paying them back for the driving they had done for me. I had worked at As Seen On TV over the summer in order to pay for my trip to Italy the following Spring. I was runnning a LARP with lordsoth et al, where I first met adyan, _lackey_, Quick, and a bunch of other SCAdians and Cameloteers. I took Discrete Math for CS credit (I was a dirty, dirty whore) and was working on my IQP and MQP. I was a full member of the Glee Club and had turned down an Officership nomination due to said projects.

2 years ago, I...was 24. I was unemployed but dilettante had let me know that Randolph was desperately in need of a Math teacher that knew Statistics. One of my AP Stats students gave me a card at the end of that year that said "I hope we didn't turn you away from teaching". No, you guys didn't. You just turned me away from hierarchies and helped force me to re-evaluate my lack of coping mechanisms. I had just turned over GMhood of the Thursday night Earthdawn game to kestrel404, who moved it to his house, got k1ttycat to join, and ran a very good show. I just didn't have the creative juices I'd hoped for. I had gone to both Origins and GenCon, and had a very good time.

1 year ago, I...turned 25. I had another birthday party to celebrate, and took $300 of booze to shogunhb's. I had just started my current job and was about to go on a trip to New York City with tpau. Our relationship had just started to cool a little. I had assumed that we had simply spent all our NRE, but now I think she had started pulling away from me even then. I wasn't living with my parents for the first time in 3 years, and I was the happiest I have ever been.

Six months ago, I...was worried about my grandfather. He was dying, and there was still more time I wanted to spend with him. I was doing everything I could to keep my relationship with tpau from falling apart completely, including going to Passover Seder at her parents'. I was becoming gung-ho about Camelot and had started to severely cut spending.

Yesterday, I...cooked meatballs and apple pie with the Kitchen team, talked to Minoj (a card-carrying Libertarian) about the Party Convention I had been to the day before, discussed finance issues with them all, and then had dinner and quiet conversation with shogunhb.

Today, I...get to eat the meatballs and applie pie! I was also assigned a far more substantial task at work than I have been before, and submitted the plan to my boss.

Tomorrow, I...will be hosting a Robotics & Automation Society meeting at MIT where we will hear about Marine Structure Inspection Using Autonomous Underwater Robots.

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