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Falling Leaves

So, after seven months as a member, I have finally made it to a SCA event again. Naturally, it was a free event, but still. There was much hanging out and string. Ah, I missed my string. I missed it even more when I finished my project and had plenty of time left over, so I did some experimenting with rosinavs's pearl cotton rather than waste silk on it. Sunday I strung up my marudai(s?) with two new projects and already finished one. I am now 20% complete with my anal "one-of-every-two-and-three-tincture heraldic combination" gift set for the Kingdom.

We watched the fighters fight, the fencers fence, the actors act, the court, er, hold court, and we watched Rosina turn a very amusing shade of raspberry. And that was before she was turned into a character in an i Sebastiani (the greatest Commedia dell'Arte troupe in the Entire World) performance. We also watched Nicholas try to spear himself a lot. peregrinning has since learned to yell both "Stop!" (to halt the toddler) and "Hold!" (to halt the fencers) whenever Nicholas goes astray.

Sunday was yet another Camelot meeting. We had reps from the banks that hold our Construction Loan come and talk about Mortgage Loans. I think Boston Private wasn't expecting Wainwright to have already developed a discount package for us. It's nice to see them competing for our business. Many questions were asked, most of which ended up kind of bank specific, but were still useful to have heard. I have an idea I need to remember to run by Frank tomorrow night.

I have decided to cut my allowance again. I was able to eat commercial ("restaurant" may be a tad generous) food several times last week and buy stuff from a merchant at Falling Leaves for significantly less than my current weekly budget. This also makes my monthly pledge to Camelot contingent on meeting my budget, rather than beating it, which is probably better in the long run.

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