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Fwd: A letter from the Phillies Campaign

Dear Friends of Liberty,

I am writing you as a Libertarian Presidential candidate. I'm working hard to earn your nomination in Denver in 2008. We need to be aware of a Republican Dirty Trick being used to attack our party. And then I have a path to earning some press for Real Libertarians.

The Phillies 2008 campaign received a surprising message from an individual party member the other day. I have deleted references to particular states because the state party in question was not involved.

The message:

"I received a phone call from the Libertarian Party of [MY STATE] the other night. They asked me to change my voter registration party affiliation from libertarian to republican! Ron Paul, former Libertarian Presidential candidate, is running as a Republican. Since our state has a closed primary system, I am not allowed to vote in the primary elections. I thought that it was odd that they would ask me to switch my party, so that I can raid the Republican Primary election. This is exactly what closed primaries are meant to eliminate! Then what if he does win at the RNC? Is the LP going to endorse the Republican AND Libertarian candidate?"

Having received the message, I called the State Chair of the State in question. Of course, the State Chair knew nothing about this, and was suitably shocked to hear about it. He started investigating at once.

The State Chair was able to telephone the people who had claimed to be the Libertarian Party. He reports that the calls came from a Ron Paul supporter in [MAJOR CITY]. He spoke with the owner of the business (another Ron Paul supporter). Neither of them are members or in any way associated with the Libertarian Party or its affiliates. He hopes that he resolved the issues over the phone, but is also sending them a cease and desist letter.

The Republican Party did give us the Watergate burglary and the Valerie Plame leak, and now Republican scoundrels are trying to raid our party membership. Warn the members of your state party to be on the lookout for fake libertarians like these who are trying to hurt our party.

Second, press commentators have taken to referring to any of several Democratic or Republican Presidential candidates as 'libertarian', a tag none of those candidates are applying to themselves. I urge you to be thankful that they used the word, but also to hope that someday soon they will use "libertarian" to address a real Libertarian Presidential candidate. Naturally, you have the opportunity to contrast the stands of those Republicans and Democrats with the stands taken by real Libertarian candidates.

- George Phillies
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