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Yay Weekend!

This weekend got off to a great start when I couldn't sleep Friday night. No sleep + early morning = cranky boy. Fortunately, I only had to drive an hour Saturday morning, to get to Andi + Jared's. Jared did all the driving on the way out to Albany, and I got to nap. I was most amused when we got there when Andi asked if the garb I was wearing was all I had brought. I was wearing my long underwear, and other than some pinkish hands and slightly frozen toes, I was plenty warm in the 40ish degree temperatures we had.

We were headed out to the local kingdom's Fall Crown Tournament, one of the cooler SCA events. As medievalists, our adventures would be rather incomplete without some kind of royalty. Each fall and spring, a tournament is held. The winner and their consort, reign as prince and princess for about five months, then as King and Queen for six months. Last year's Fall Crown was pretty small at 35 (a very painful number for those familiar with binary trees), but this year's was the much more thrilling 55. I kept the six year old distracted while everyone else was setting up the pavilions and moving things, dying (and killing) several times in boffer fencing matches.

As usual, I was helping out the Minister of Lists with arranging the tournament bouts. Last year, I was just list-running (running back with results of bouts and forth with new match-ups), but this year, "we" were trying something neat with heraldry, which required more personnel, but was well worth it. Each list (boxing-type ring) had a banner where we hung the Coats of Arms of the participants. This required a great deal of sorting and matching until we got to the Final 6, toward which I was glad to lend a hand. One of the fringe benefits of working for the Ministry of Lists is that the Dayboard comes to you. We got some nice large pots of hot stew, cups of hot chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, handwarmers, etc.

After the tournament was Court, wherein Hawk received his Award of Arms (the basic welcome to the club/clearly you're here to stay award), msmemory received here 9-years-belated Court Baroncy Scroll (a much bigger award), and Wuflstan the Unshod was inducted into the Order of Chivalry (a very big deal). I've been to several Royal Courts in the past year, and this was the first where I saw someone inducted into the Order of Chivalry, and he looked his wild unkempt hair, bare feet, and stirrups.

For dinner, we snuck out to the Cheesecake Factory, wherein we managed to steal a half-hour wait due to following a previous party of 10. I sat on the end with Aikaterine and Gryffith, this past summer's Queen and King (respectively). I was really impressed with their Court (due in no small effort to a number of my friends), and I enjoyed the chance to get to know them some. Sadly, I did not enjoy my dinner, it was cooked rather wrongly, resulting in free dinner and free cheesecake (and some unfortunate time in the bathroom at 2:30 in the morning). The trip home was long and exhausting, and I crashed in Andi and Jared's basement.

Sunday Afternoon brought with it the November Site Tour of Our Land, wherein we saw new grass, new earthworks, and even new concrete! We were very excited and I even remembered to take pictures. It feels really good to be on the Land, to see the progress, and to ask nosy technical questions of our site workers. They've promised big changes by next month.

Then, last night, my brother and I had dinner with my sister and her new beau. He's a neat guy. He's Venezuelan and does a goodly bit of travel for his consulting job (He's currently in the middle of a five-tiered trip). It was nice to finally meet one of her boyfriends, even if she is sexiling her roommate. I was somewhat annoyed that she delayed and rescheduled dinner a couple of times, but the two hour nap I got was most useful, so I'll complain no further. Definitely a good weekend.

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