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Thanks Giving

Despite their sometimes sordid histories, I find holidays to be a useful reminder to do the thing the holiday is nominally about. I try to be charitable and giving around Christmas, I try to be radical and independent around Independence Day, and I try to be humble and thankful on Thanksgiving. Thank you to my friends for coming out of the woodwork over the past six months, you are worth your weight in gold. Thank you to my family for constantly reminding me to get out and be an active part of the world. Thank you to Camelot for providing me with the motivation to save - I sometimes doubted I'd ever be able to buy a house. Thank you to J. J. Welch for going full steam ahead with the ink still wet (and sometimes still in the pen). Thank you to tpau for showing me that I'm stronger than I think and that I should always seek beyond my grasp.

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