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Fun with Crafts

I noticed the other day that a) my mother was jealous of all the sewing I was doing with her, b) the dining room table would have to be cleared of junk for Thanksgiving, c) I have fabric for some new garb, and d) I have a long weekend with very little to do right before an SCA event. Thus, a plan was hatched. The Cloak That Insists On Taking Just a Little Bit Longer is on hold until my mother finds her super-strong thread to sew the hood piece on, so today: Pants!!!

Using the pants I made with tpau a year ago as a pattern, I constructed a new pair of "traditional" SCA pants, with a few modifications. As before, the waist is elastic, drawstrings being far too annoying in my opinion. The elastic I used, while not quite as stretchy, is flat rather than ropelike and hides better. However, this did mean I did not have enough seam allowance for the crotch and had to add an 8-inch tube of fabric to the waist. My mother actually likes this look better; I'm still skeptical. Maybe it just needs some shiny trim. I did use drawstrings on the ankles, but rather than pleat the cuff and sew drawstrings onto the ends, I created a passthrough around the whole ankle. Lastly, these are of a much thicker weight linen, and a more fetching color, so perhaps I will cause fewer mothers to fret when wearing next-to-nothing at outdoor events in November.

Tomorrow: Tunic + maybe the next chapter in Cloak Wars.

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